New Cartoon

2013-01-06 23:24:32 by nevarky

I made a new cartoon Trunks is a bad ass, not much more to say, hopefully one more soon


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2013-01-07 01:50:29

I gave it a quickie review while it was under judgement.
Not much more to say, hopefully more soon :)

nevarky responds:

Thanks, not much, hopefully.


2013-01-07 02:18:26

well it seems that we haven't seen your own stuff since you started to work for machinima

nevarky responds:

Because that's the case, but the work flow seems better this time, and I have about 1/3 of a cartoon done right now, I would put more effort in putting stuff out this time too.


2013-01-08 17:15:07

holy crap, dude, your animations are BANGARANG.

nevarky responds:

Oh shit, thanks, coming from you means a lot!