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Screwits responds:

I support this.

Hey, good work man, it's not easy at all to put something this ambitious out, but I'm sure you already know that, this feels like a "whole".

Considering how long it is and the limitations you had, the animation is really good, it's nice to look at for the most part, maybe focus a little more in the background next time. I personally feel the story drags on for too long at some parts, but that may be just me.

You are definitely getting better at writing and animation, I feel like you made a huge leap since I last watched your stuff, looking forward to your future work.

Twisted4000 responds:

Thank you, nevarky. I feel the same way about the backgrounds during the scenes inside of buildings, kinda plain for the most part, I guess I sorta just got lazy, again having to due with how long this thing took me. And I think I also agree with the fact that the story occasionally stalls. But I'm glad you enjoyed it overall!

The humor is not really my kind of thing, but the animation looks amazing, well done!

Kiigen responds:

Thanks, Nevarky. I appreciate that.

Creo que en general estuvo muy bien, los ciclos de caminado te quedaron muy bien, en términos de animación es lo que más me gustó del corto, creo que en general podrÃ-as agregar un poco más de bounce y anticipación a la animación, pero puede ser que ya sea gusto propio.

Creo que tu estilo necesita evolucionar un poco, eres buen animador, pero tu estilo parece no ir a la par con la animación, dibuja mucho y trata de mejorar los pequepños detalles de anatomÃ-a.

Las actuaciones se me hicieron decentes, pero definitivamente es lo que más se puede mejorar del corto, especialmente las voces de los adultos que suenan a un chavo hablando como señor.

El humor estuvo bien, tuvo ritmo, no te basaste en memes o referencias a la cultura popular lo cual siempre se aprecia, fue un poco predecible, ya veÃ-a el final venir, pero creo que le diste un buen giro.

Sigue animando, vas por buen camino.

Lemuras responds:

Gracias, en verdad aprecio tu comentario ya que aprecio tu trabajo y se que puedo aprender de las cosas que me dices.
Un detalle que no entendi en tu comentario fue lo del "bounce y la anticipacion" a que te refieres exactamente :o, agradeceria mucho tu respuesta : ) y gracias por comentar este video

I don't get the deal with the food.

Everything else is amazing, I would like to see more animation, but seeing all the detail you put into the illustrations, I see why you keep it simple, still, I don't know if I'm missing a reference or is supposed to not have sense, but I just don't get the deal with the food.

Excellent work.

redminus responds:

Haha thanks, and yeah I was thinking that earlier myself, like "wait why did I do the food...?" and then I remembered it was because of that nyan cat game that was on the front page where all you do is use the up and down arrows as you're flying along to grab the different candy/desserts. It was this one actually,

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /569268

Also, kind of funny how he description is like "NYAN CAT HAS 4 MILLION VIEWS" as it now has over 10 times that.... who could've seen THAT coming??

I was a fat-man in a bear suit in my past life.

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