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Good Start

Seems like you have skills, but it was too short, I don't mind short animations, I believe an idea can be done with little time, but this was too short, for me at least, I had to watch it more than once to fully get it, and the lack of a replay button made it kind of annoying.

That said, I think I know where you were aiming, and it's not a bad idea, and as I said before it seems like you have the ability to make longer high quality animations, so I'll be looking forward to your future works.

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Pretty much how it is

I love that people try at animation, it keeps it alive, but it isn't easy at all, it takes passion, love and dedication, perhaps starting to animate and then get your tools little by little, step by step? But hey, it's their money.

Great cartoon man, when I was on college there were a bunch of dudes that thought getting a wacom would instantly give them talent, I can totally relate.

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That was crazy, smooth, creative, and above it all it's easy to tell how much work it was put into this, you are an inspiration to us all, congratulations very good work!

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The animation was really smooth, and I liked the style, making lineless animation can be a real pain. The joke was cute, but, it was too short. I have nothing against shorts, there are ideas that don't need to be stretched, but I do think this was to quick.

Overall nice work, keep it up.


Funny, but what make it to me was the animation, really well done.

I don't get the deal with the food.

Everything else is amazing, I would like to see more animation, but seeing all the detail you put into the illustrations, I see why you keep it simple, still, I don't know if I'm missing a reference or is supposed to not have sense, but I just don't get the deal with the food.

Excellent work.

redminus responds:

Haha thanks, and yeah I was thinking that earlier myself, like "wait why did I do the food...?" and then I remembered it was because of that nyan cat game that was on the front page where all you do is use the up and down arrows as you're flying along to grab the different candy/desserts. It was this one actually,

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /569268

Also, kind of funny how he description is like "NYAN CAT HAS 4 MILLION VIEWS" as it now has over 10 times that.... who could've seen THAT coming??

This is great

Simple idea, but really well done, and I'm not just talking about the animation (which is amazing) but the timing and style too. The bus at beginning is the only little detail that turns me off, I mean it was ok, but the level of quality on the rest of the piece makes it stand out a little, but still it doesn't make this any less awesome.

Great work!

I checked the Comic Jam

After watching this, and there are some parts I would have liked to see on this, but I think you condensed it greatly, and it was really fun to watch.

asshole indeed

This has no point...not even has a random humor thing, work in the sound...and pretty mcuh in everything else.


quite good graphics, but is just the same thing over and over again...the sound gets anoying.

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